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Seeking to invest in and grow a family-owned business, just like how we grew our own
About Us


We are prior owners of our own family business and are looking to acquire, nurture and grow a small/medium sized family or founder-owned business.

We are looking for founders who care about the future of their business and structure a succession plan with a buyer that can preserve their legacy 

Our History

We come from three generations of entrepreneurs who understand the sacrifices needed to start and grow companies

Our Values

We aim to do right by their employees, customers and the communities the company serves

Our Approach

We will take a direct and long-term role with your company. We commit our know-how and personal capital to the business and its future 

Why Us


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We Come from Family Business Roots

We are not investors!

We grew up in family businesses ourselves so its in our DNA. We know what it takes to build a successful business over the long time - investment, being hands on (and a little bit of luck!). 

We promise to continue to focus on the foundation that made your business a success.

We are Values-Driven 

We believe in ‘saying what we mean and doing what we say’ and thrive on low ego/high impact mentalities. A sale of a business is a significant milestone in an entrepreneur’s life - for themselves and their families. We know this because we were there ourselves. We aim to have an open and collaborative experience to smoothen that transition.

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Personal, Long-term Commitment 

We will be putting our own personal capital and time into your business so we are fully aligned to make sure the business remains a success for the long-term.

We are Committed to Preserving Your Legacy

Through our own family businesses, we inherently believe that a businesses’ brand, culture, employees and the communities it serves are critical to what has made the organization a success.

We’d like to be seen as stewards of that legacy going forward.


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